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Konica Minolta Di750

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Di750 fulfils the key success factor in modern-day business, which is ensuring the right information is available at the right place and the right time. This makes fast, just-in-time document production professional, particularly for CRDs, print-for-pay shops or any large-volume print-on-demand environment. Giving you 75 pages a minute as a digital copier or printer plus a range of sophisticated finishing options such as booklet creation, coloured cover insertion, stapling, folding and trimming qualities, Di750 is the choice for you. In the tandem configuration you even have a highly productive system with an output of up to 150 copies a minute. So, this monochrome digital copier-printer has the stamina to cope with the punishing demands of any high-volume environment - up to a maximum output of 500,000 copies or prints a month!

By printing and copying in outstanding quality the Di750 packs a powerful punch in document production for any large-volume print-on-demand environment and finishes off the job with outstanding functions.