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Konica Minolta Di3010 photocopiers
Konica Minolta Di3010 photocopiers

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Minolta proudly introduces the 'most network ready' MFP?s, (Multi-functional Product?s) - Printer/Copier/Scanner and Network Fax units ever released!

The all-new Minolta Di3010 DiALTA products ? (2 new multi-functional machines in total), are all geared for your complete office needs. With a host of ?state-of-the-art? features, these next generation multi-functional machines not only take document creation to the next level, but also have the ability to manage, utilise and relay various forms of information quickly and effectively.

The units offer exceptional functions like 'Scan to e-mail', which enables you to scan documents and easily forward them by e-mail as attachments. Likewise, the ?Scan to FTP? function lets you scan documents and send them directly to a network folder, (location), via an FTP Server, allowing the data to be shared by users on the network easily and efficiently.

Existing Internet and Intranet lines can be integrated with Minolta's Internet FAX and IP Address FAX functions. This greatly reduces communication costs when compared to conventional Fax machines used currently.

With all new Document Management Software ? Minolta?s PageScope Cabinet 2.0, Cabinet Pro 2.0 and Work Palette 1.0, when combined with the DiALTA Di3010 Series, will provide your office with a complete document input/output workflow system. These new software platforms allow users to process electronic data in formats that are convenient for use in today?s modern office, while taking full advantage of existing information assets for total efficiency.

In addition, Minolta's new space-saving 'built-in Finisher', (FN-117), when used in conjunction with other finishing options and accessories, enables stapling and hole-punching as well as booklet creation, and because these finishing functions can be used with the Minolta network printer controller, (Pi3505e), a user is able to select from a wide range of finishing features and output complex document types all from their Desktop.

Ready for superior core machines that deliver total office workflow support from input to output to seamless networking? Then your office is ready for the remarkable new Minolta DiALTA and Di3010 series'.
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Code Available Options RRP Price
(exc vat)
(exc vat)
MAFR19 Automatic Reverse Document Feeder 1,195.00 454.10 14.83 10.29
MOC3 Platen Cover 98.00 37.24 1.22 0.84
MJS203 Job Separator Tray * 230.00 87.40 2.86 1.98
MPF122 2500 Sheet Paper cassette (Portrait only) 1,200.00 456.00 14.9 10.34
MPF124 500 Sheet Paper Cassette 765.00 290.70 9.5 6.59
MPF210 2 x 500 Sheet Paper Cassette 1,200.00 456.00 14.9 10.34
MCAB2510 Pedestal 230.00 87.40 2.86 1.98
MFN117 Embedded Staple Finisher 1,600.00 608.00 19.86 13.78
MSK1 Saddle Stitch Stapling and Centre Creasing ** 1,500.00 570.00 18.62 12.92
MMK1 Mail Bin Kit (4 bins) ** 1,200.00 456.00 14.9 10.34
MPK6 Punch Kit 4 holes ** 465.00 176.70 5.77 4.01
MAK1 Additional Output Bin ** 70.00 26.60 0.87 0.6
MHDD6 Copier Hard Disk 625.00 237.50 7.76 5.38
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