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What's new in photocopying? Your needs have changed! A few years ago, offices were solely interested in reproducing documents as fast and as well as possible. Now the requirements are somewhat different.

Today, you rightly expect business equipment o suppor your entire document workflow by means of state-of-the-ar echnology. At Konica Minolta we have responded o your changing requirements with he DiALTA Di1611 and Di2011. The Di1611 runs at 16 pages per minute (ppm), the Di2011 at 20 ppm - a difference that reflects their focus on two different user groups: smaller and larger teams.
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Code Available Options RRP Price
(exc vat)
(exc vat)
  MOC8   Platen Cover (standard with Di1611) 0.00 36.00
  MAF12   Document Feeder 0.00 178.20
  MAFR19   Automatic Reverse Document Feeder 0.00 454.10
  MAFRKITA   Interface kit for AFR19 with Di2011 only 0.00 18.00
  MAD17   Duplex Unit (Di2011 only) 0.00 106.20
  MPF126   Cassette 0.00 108.00
  MMB6   Multi Bypass 0.00 68.40
  MOT103   Inner Shifter Sort Function 0.00 126.00
  MFX3   Fax Kit 0.00 342.00
  MSU6   Network Scanning 0.00 66.60
  MJS204   Job Seperator 0.00 90.00
  MU418   32MB Memory Upgrade 0.00 57.60
  MU419   64MB Memory Upgrade 0.00 97.20
  MSTAND152   Copy table for 4 x MPF121 (Di2011) 0.00 78.65
  MCAB152S   Small cabinet 0.00 146.25
  MOC8   Platen Cover (standard with Di1611) 0.00 146.25
  MPI2001E   PCL Print Controller (available October 2004) 0.00 198.00
  MNC6   Network Card 0.00 115.20
  Ax5400   Axis 5400 for Ethernet 10/100 Base T 0.00 145.00
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