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Konica Minolta Bizhub C450

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Konica Minolta Bizhub C450 photocopiers
Konica Minolta Bizhub C450 photocopiers

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£3,400.00 (exc vat)
£4,080.00 (inc vat)
(RRP £15,140.00)
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£107.10 (exc vat)
£128.52 (inc vat)
60 months:
£ 69.00 (exc vat)
£ 82.80 (inc vat)

Included with this photocopier:
Authorised Konica Minolta Dealer since 1992-2.7 hours average call out time-Set up installation-training-2000 colour copies-3 boxes of paper -one iPad with every two machines ?are you a school?- free copier to education-www.freecopiersforschools.co.uk

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The Bizhub C450 is the new colleague who will please everyone. Quality work, quick production, convenient to operate and extremely reliable. It's the multifunctional communications centre of your office that keeps you in touch with near and far.

It not only copies, prints, scans and faxes, but is also designed to simplify access and transmission of information.

It broadens effectiveness and workflow and addresses many of your most important business needs - in full colour and black-and-white.

High Speed in Color and B&W

The Konica Minolta bizhub C450 multifunction copier/printer can output at 35 color ppm, swiftly produce brochures, presentations, reports and more with stunning color quality.

Outstanding Image Quality

Exclusive to Konica Minolta copiers, Simitri® Color Polymerized Toner enhances edge detail, sharpens text, and maintains image stability and clarity over long runs.

Fast, Flexible Scanning

Bring information into your system faster with Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Desktop) and Scan-to-HDD (Scan-to-User Box).

3-way Tilting Control Panel

bizhub C450 has improved access from any angle, with large function keys and simplified touch-screen commands for a comfortable, intuitive user experience.

Built-in PageScope Software

A total suite of solutions for device management, document control, networking integration and administrative productivity.

Powerful Document Finishing

Options include 60-page booklet making, stapling, hole-punching, grouping, sorting and cover insertion.

High-Speed Fax Option

Bring your document input and output together in one central location and eliminate extra equipment.

The new Bizhub C450 can do a lot for you and your office. Its exceptional and innovative technologies increase colour quality, versatility and reliability.

Konica Minolta's EmperonTM print technology for example, a unique development based on our widespread experience in colour laser printers, represents a great step forward in the quest for image processing, speed and highquality reproduction in multifunctional devices.

The unique PC-like Central Imaging Platform of the bizhub C450 encompasses many important functions and makes fast, stable processing of your information possible on one central base. And it's upgradeable, so you'll always be up-todate in terms of functionality or additional product options.

The 4-colour tandem engine that improves effectiveness and quality by creating images in 1-pass, assures true and consistent colour for all your printing and copying requirements. And thanks to Konica Minolta's high-quality, low-consumption polymerised toner SimitriTM, you'll get professional looking and cost-effective results from the first copy to the last.

LED technology is a guarantee of the efficiency and durability of your new colleague. Because the innovative technology of the bizhub C450 combines fewer mechanical parts, only minimal maintenance is necessary.

Code Available Options RRP Price
(exc vat)
(exc vat)
PC102 500 Sheet inc Cabinet £795.00 £278.25 £9.09 £6.31
PC202 2 x 500 sheet + cabinet £1,200.00 £390.60 £12.76 £8.85
PC402 2500 Sheet Cabinet £1,200.00 £420.00 £13.72 £9.52
MCAB2510 Desk/Cabinet £230.00 £105.53 £3.45 £2.39
FS603 Booklet Finisher £3,995.00 £1,300.37 £42.48 £29.48
PK501 Hole Punch attaches to FS603 £645.00 £209.95 £6.86 £4.76
FS507 Finisher with hole punch £2,590.00 £843.05 £27.54 £19.11
JS601 Job Separator £250.00 £81.38 £2.66 £1.84
MC915 Mechanical counter £50.00 £16.28 £0.53 £0.37
MK703 Option connection board £175.00 £61.25 £2 £1.39
EK702 USB & parallel interface board £250.00 £81.38 £2.66 £1.84
FK502 * Fax Board £1,175.00 £382.46 £12.49 £8.67
MK704 * Fax connection board incl memory etc back up £325.00 £56.96 £1.86 £1.29
IC402 Fiery controller £6,350.00 £2,066.93 £67.52 £46.85
VI502 interface kit for IC402 £450.00 £146.48 £4.79 £3.32
PC102 500 Sheet inc Cabinet £2,948.00 £1,031.80 £33.71 £23.39
Spoton Spot on £1,100.00 £385.00 £12.58 £8.73
Autotrapping Auto trapping £1,100.00 £381.15 £12.45 £8.64
Hotfolder Hot folder £1,100.00 £381.15 £12.45 £8.64