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Included with this photocopier:
Authorised Konica Minolta Dealer since 1992-2.7 hours average call out time-Set up installation-training-2000 colour copies-3 boxes of paper -one iPad with every two machines ?are you a school?- free copier to education-www.freecopiersforschools.co.uk

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KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 Black and white and colour at 36 pages/min.

KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 Latest technology for high performance: 2,048 MB DDR2 RAM, 250 GB SATA-2 hard disc, 1GB Ethernet, PCI-Express bus system

KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 Attractive finishing versatility, including: Compact embedded staple finisher, modular finisher with optional booklet capability

KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 Eco-performance Energy Star and German Blue Angel certified: Low energy consumption, Resource-friendly product design
Efficiency in office communication is all about getting things done without fuss or delay. Productivity is imperative - but so is keeping costs down and having one's hands free for more important tasks than printing or copying.

KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 Combining technology, functionality
and applications

With the Konica Minolta Bizhub C360 and the Konica Minolta Bizhub C360, Konica Minolta presents two highly modular colour and b/w multifunctionals for busy workgroups and departments.

Both are easily adapted to fulfil any modern office's specific demands. Offering individual combinations of innovative technology, comprehensive functionality and a wealth of advanced applications, the Konica Minolta Bizhub C360 and Bizhub C360 can be customized into almost any all-round communication solution a busy team or workgroup might require.

With such versatility, flexibility and efficiency, the Konica Minolta Bizhub C360/C360's amazingly competitive printing costs might come almost unexpected - but will no doubt be highly welcome by any team, workgroup or office looking to economize!

The KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360
uses Konica Minolta?s bizhub open platform (OP) architecture and features an improved Emperon image controller, providing a unified driver for the print and scan functions, as well as straightforward network integration. The image controller supports PCL6c and PostScript Level 3 printing.

The KONICA MINOLTA Bizhub Colour C360 biometric finger vein authentication scanner
For advanced access control the bizhub C360 has an optional biometric finger vein authentication scanner. Finger vein authentication scans the vein patterns (more reliable than even finger prints) in the finger making user authentication fast and accurate. This means that users in secure environments can access the bizhub C360 quickly without the need to memorise user names and passwords.

KONICA MINOLTA C360 Finishing Options
The bizhub C360 is available with a range of high productivity finishing options including sorting, stapling and saddle stitching, as well as two and four hole punching capabilities.

An optional Super G3 fax module is also available.

ALSO KNOWN AS Konica Minolta Colour C360, C 360, Konica Minolta BIZHUB C360, Konica Minolta C360

Code Available Options RRP Price
(exc vat)
(exc vat)
DF-617 Document Feeder 1,550.00 455.00 14.86 10.31
OC-509 Original Cover 100.00 32.00 1.05 0.73
PC-107 Paper Feed Cabinet 1x 500 sheet 895.00 289.00 9.44 6.55
PC-207 Paper Feed Cabinet 2x 500 sheet 1,325.00 428.00 13.98 9.7
PC-408 Paper Feed Cabinet 2,500 sheet A4 1,325.00 428.00 13.98 9.7
DK-507 Basic Cabinet 330.00 106.00 3.46 2.4
BT-C1 BT-C1 Banner Tray 331.00 106.00 3.46 2.4
FS-527 50 Sheets Staple Finisher Floor Standing 1,995.00 644.00 21.04 14.6
SD-509 Saddle Kit for FS-527 for Booklet Making 1,450.00 469.00 15.32 10.63
JS-603 Job Separator for FS-527, separates e.g. faxes 495.00 159.00 5.19 3.6
PK-517 Punch Kit for FS-527, 4 hole 550.00 178.00 5.81 4.03
FS-529 50 Sheets Staple Finisher Integral, output max. 300 1,295.00 418.00 13.65 9.47
JS-505 Job Separator, separates e.g. faxes 524.00 169.00 5.52 3.83
EK-604 Local IF Kit (for connecting locally sourced USB Keyboard / also requires KH-101) 220.00 75.00 2.45 1.7
EK-605 Local IF Kit (for connecting locally sourced USB Keyboard / required for KH-101 and Mobile Printing) 350.00 113.00 3.69 2.56
DF-617 Document Feeder 120.00 41.00 1.34 0.93
FK502 Fax board (please refer to Sales Guide for extra req) 1,295.00 418.00 13.65 9.47
MK-720 Fax Mount Kit (for mounting FK-502) 195.00 66.00 2.16 1.5
SP-501 Stamp Unit for Fax 55.00 17.00 0.56 0.39
WT-506 Working Table (for placement of AU-101/AU-102/AU201) 150.00 51.00 1.67 1.16
AU101 Biometric Finger vein authentication 1,097.00 354.00 11.56 8.02
AU-102 Biometrics II 1,195.00 409.00 13.36 9.27
AU201 IC Card Authentication Unit - contactless IC card 937.00 302.00 9.87 6.85
9967000175 Mifare cards ID only.(100 pcs) For use with AU201 634.00 204.00 6.66 4.62
SC-507 Security Kit enabling Copy guard function, Pass word copy function 995.00 321.00 10.49 7.28
9967000582 bizhub Stylus Pen (for colour & mono touch screens) 31.00 10.00 0.33 0.23
4599211 Key Counter Kit 4 - includes counter and socket 220.00 69.00 2.25 1.56
4623481 Key Counter Connection (for connecting Key Counter 4) 200.00 68.00 2.22 1.54