PaperCut Mobile, BYOD, Chromebook, and Cross-platform printing

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Mobile, BYOD, Chromebook, and Cross-platform printing

One of the primary challenges in managing printing today is dealing with the task of providing printing across the multitude of devices that are now available. Most of us have a phone, a laptop, and maybe a tablet — and our preferred operating system. We have our opinions on how we like to use our devices, and expect support for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) in any organization. That's challenging for today's SysAdmin.

Our solutions, such as PaperCut Mobility Print and PaperCut Pocket, focus on print enablement — our goal is to make printing super easy to set up and use on all platforms and devices.


Printing has changed

The IT landscape has substantially changed over the last 10 years. We have more mobile devices than ever before, and users expect to be able to print not just from their computer, but also from their:

  • Smartphone/Mobile
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Chromebook
  • BYOD laptop
  • ... you get the point!

Gone are the days where pushing out a print driver via Windows Group Policy solved printer access! Today's world is a multi-OS, multi-device world. All of PaperCut's print management solutions have specific features to solve this complexity.

Let's address some of these key topics in terms of BYOD. (A current trend in IT is that employees are encouraged to bring, or at least manage, their own devices.)


Mobile, BYOD, Chromebook, and Cross-platform printing

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