Konica Minolta Copiers Frequently Asked Questions

Konica Minolta Copiers Frequently Asked Questions

Konica Minolta Copiers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I find out what the IP address of the photocopier is?

Through Print Driver − on PC select: Start − Printers / faxes − Right click on Konica print icon − Properties − Ports Tab − Configure port − you should now be able to see IP Address. Via Machine − At photocopier select: Utility Counter button − On touch panel screen choose Option

3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 5 − Option 1 − TCP/IP Settings − IP Settings − you will now see IP Address − To return to copier screen press the Reset button or Utility Counter.

2. How to adjust the touch panel screen to your touch?

Select the accessibility button − Option 1 − Touch the four "+" buttons − Press start ? Close

3. How to adjust the volume settings?
Select the accessibility button − Select an arrow button to take you to page 2 of the menu − Option

2 − At this point there will be 4 categories of sound operations, choose the first one and you will see some sub categories with their defaults set to "medium" − Choose a sub category and you can adjust to either: Low, Medium, High or even select No to turn off sound completely. − Click ok after selection − Follow same step for all of the other categories and press Close to exit.

4. How to log into the Web Browser? You will firstly need the IP Address of the photocopier (if you don?t know how to find this refer to Question 1) Log onto the internet and in the address bar, type the IP Address of the photocopier and press enter/return

5. How to find the Meter Readings? Via the Web Browser − Log into the web browser (see question 6) and under the maintenance option, select Meter Count. Via the Machine − Utility Counter − On touch panel screen select Meter Count − Close to exit.

6. How to check the Consumable Life? Via the Web Browser − Log into the Web Browser (see question 6) and you will see the toner readings on screen − For Imaging Units etc, locate the "Information Tab" and then select consumables. Via the machine − A visual scale for the toners is permanently on show at the bottom left corner of the touch panel screen. For the Imaging Units etc, select Utility Counter and then Option 4 − click close to exit.

7. How to adjust the date / time? Via the Web Browser − To adjust the date/time functions you will need to be logged in as the Administrator. Log into the web browser (see question 6). At the top of the screen click log out and then ok − Now select Administrator and log in − enter the administrator password then click OK − Under the Maintenance Tab, select Date/Time Setting − Adjust your setting and click ok. Via Machine − Utility Counter − Option 3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 1 − Option 3 − Choose categories and press "C" hard key to clear old data − Use number buttons to enter new data − Ok − Close to exit.

8. How to change Tray Priority Selection (Default tray)? Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 1 − Option 3 − Option 1 − At the left of the screen under "Auto Tray Select", un-select all of the trays − Now re-select the trays in the new priority order − OK − Close to exit.

9. Machines with Booklet Finisher − How to switch off "Auto Booklet" when centre staple is chosen? Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 3 − Select Auto Booklet when fold & staple − Choose Off − Ok − Close to exit.

10. How do I stop multiple sets of documents from being stapled together as one document when printing? The solution to this is a simple "tick box" After you have chosen File / Print / Properties / & selected your options staple & quantity of copies − Click OK − when the menu returns you to the initial first print window, check the "Collate" option, this needs to be set as "Unticked" ? OK

11. How to set machine to Automatically copy originals which are smaller than A4, onto A4? Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 1 − Option 8 − Copy on A4 − OK − Close to exit

12. When I print , the device asks for 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 paper from the bypass tray when I want A4? There are 2 options for this, the first is to check the document settings in the page set up on your PC. Open your document and select File − Page set up − Click the Paper Tab − Here you can check the paper size settings and paper tray selection. The second option is to set the Auto switch on the machine − Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 5 − Option 1 − At bottom of the screen select A4/A3 LTR/LGR Auto Switch − Select ON − OK ? Close

13. How do I select different paper (headed, plain etc.) for each page when printing? The solution to this is not actually in the print driver, it?s done in your page set up within Microsoft Word ! Open your document and select File button − Page set up − Choose Paper Tab − Under Paper Source, choose the tray for your first page and then the tray for the other pages.

14. How to print out a configuration page? Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 5 − Option 6 − Configuration Page − Choose tray & start − Close to exit.

15. How to adjust the Power Save Settings? Utility Counter − Option 3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 1 − Option 1 − Select Low Power Mode Settings − Press "C" button to clear old data & use number buttons to enter new data up to 240 mins − OK − Repeat for Sleep Mode Settings − Close to exit

16. How to change the default file format on scanning eg Jpeg instead of PDF? Select Fax/Scan button − Scan Settings − File Type − choose your new file type eg Jpeg − OK − OK − Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 4 − Default Fax/Scan Settings − Current Settings − OK − OK − Close to exit

17. When I scan a document back to my pc, it has a long winded identity number as a name, can I change it? You can rename the document before you send it by using the Scan Settings option. In this option you will find a button "Document Name" at the left of the screen. Choose this option and a keyboard will appear − Delete the unwanted date by pressing the "C" hardkey and then use the keyboard to enter a new name (at the bottom centre of the screen is an enlarge keyboard option, you will find this helpful) − click OK when finshed and send.

18. How to set Faxes to print from a specific tray? Utility Counter − Option 3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 8 − Option 4 − Use down arrow to go to page 2 − Tray Selection for RX Print − At right of screen use up & down arrows to select tray − OK − Close to exit

19. How to set Fax to print confirmation reports for every fax? Utility Counter − Option 3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 8 − Option 7 − TX Result Report − ON − OK − Close to exit

20. How to store Fax numbers? Utility Counter − Option 1 − Option 1 − Option 1 − Option 3 − NEW − Select Name button and enter a name using the keyboard − OK − Select Fax Number Button − Using number buttons, enter the fax number including 9 for outside line if required and dialing code − OK − Select New if you wish to add more fax numbers − Close to exit

21. How to store Email Addresses? Utility Counter − Option 1 − Option 1 − Option1 − Option 1 − New − Select Name button and enter a name using the keyboard − OK − Select Email Address button & enter full email address − OK − Use down arrow to go to page 2 and choose Index − Choose a category & Favourites (the favourite option is useful for the more frequently used emails as they will appear on the main screen to save searching the index) − OK − OK − New to add further emails or close to exit

22. How to create Fax or Scan Groups? Before creating any fax or scan groups, you ensure that all of the individual fax numbers have been stored in first (see question 21). The procedure for scan & fax groups is identical. Utility Counter − Option 1 − Option 1 − Option 3 − New − Select Name button and enter a group name − OK − Click Select Group button − Search index & select individuals to be stored in group − OK − "Check Program Settings" will allow you to clarify correct data − Close − OK − New to create another group or close to exit.

23. How use the "Cover Page" option? Via Machine − Load your cover paper into your chosen tray(s) − Load your originals into the document feeder in the correct running order − Press Reset − You now need to manually choose a tray (using paper option on basic screen) for the content pages − Application − Sheet/Cover/Chapter/Insert − Cover Sheet − Choose Front Cover copy or blank − Select paper tray − OK − Repeat for Back Cover if required − OK − Start Via Print Driver − File − Print − Properties − Manually select a tray for the content pages ( don?t leave it set to Auto) − Click Cover Mode Tab − Tick Front Cover and choose printed or blank − Choose a tray for the front cover − Repeat for Back Cover if required − OK & send job to print

24. Can I alternate between double and single sided pages and select from different trays within a print job? Yes, this is possible and its under an option called "Per Page Setting" File − Print − Properties − Cover Mode Tab − Tick "Per Page Setting" On this screen you will see there is a "List" option which stores 10 lists which can be edited to accommodate specific instruction for multi page documents. Click Edit List − By Selecting Edit name, you can rename one of the lists − Once you have done this select "Add" ( This allows you add specific instruction ) − Here you can type page numbers and select sub categories to change double sided & tray selection etc − Click "Add" again to select more page numbers / instruction. This can also be done as a photocopying job at the machine In this example imagine you have 6 original documents, the first 2 being single sided and the remaining 4 being double sided. This function will only work if the finishing mode is set to sort − Firstly press reset then go to the finishing button and select sort then OK − Application − Sheet/Cover/Chapter insert − Program Job − Go back to Basic Tab − Load into the document feeder, the first pages for specific instruction (in my example pages 1+2 single sided) − Choose your instructions and select a paper tray then Start − The next screen will show "Fix or Retry" click Ok to continue or Retry to start over again − Load next originals into document feeder − Select "Change Settings", this will allow you to specify instruction such as double sided and paper selection (paper size allows tray selection) − Start − Repeat until all originals have been scanned then click Finish − Ok − Start

25. If accounting is set-up on the device, how do I enter the same code on my PC for printing? Open your document and select File − Print − Properties − At this point you may wish to choose quality to select colour etc, when you have made your selections, select the Basic Tab − At the right of this screen is a button Authentication / Account Track, select this button − Depending which code system has been installed will determine which option you choose at this next stage − Account Track or User Authentication − You may wish to ask your IT Dept or relevant personnel which system is being used. Account Track − Enter your Dept name and password in the boxes provided and click ok User Authentication − Here there are 2 options, Public user will normal allow Black printing without a password or Recipient User which requires you to enter your name and code, this is usually reuired for colour authorisation or ID & Print.

26. How can I store my password permanently in my PC so as I don?t have to keep entering it with every print? On your PC, select the Start button − Settings − Printers / Faxes − Right click on the Konica print icon − Choose Printing Preferences − Select Authentication / Account Track button − Enter password information in appropriate category and click OK − Apply − OK.

27. Can I see how may pages are left to print / copy before the job finishes? Yes, a counter facility can be added by following these steps : Utility Counter − Option 2 − Option 2 − Option 6 − Select Status Display − OK − Close to exit. If you now press the reset key you should see at the left of the screen, the counter facility.

28. The colour quality of my prints / copies appears to be distorted, what should I do? Firstly try the gradation procedure which is similar to calibration, if this does not improve the distortion then contact your local Konica Minolta office and ask for the service helpdesk for support. Gradation Procedure Utility Counter − Option 3 − enter the administrator password then click OK − Option 1 − Option 7 − Option 8 − Press Start After approx 20 seconds there will be 3 options on screen − Choose "Copy" − Press Start − Then put test page on glass (face down & black squares to left) − Press Start − when scan complete, discard test page Choose "Printer Gradation" − Press Start and repeat as previous Choose "Printer Resolution" − Press Start and again repeat as previous Select Stabilization & press start − stabilization will take approx 20 seconds. Gradation now complete − press Close to exit This procedure should be conducted regularly depending on volumes & also after changing toners / imaging units.

29. How do I enable to save to USB stick? Utility Counter - Option 3 ?Administrator Settings.? ? enter the administrator password and then click OK - Option 1 ?System Settings? ? Option 0 ?User Box Settings? ? Option 7 ?External Memory Function Settings ? ? Select ?Save Document? to ON to enable scanning to USB Memory device. Select OK to save and then exit to main screen (select the yellow ?RESET? key)

30. I do not seem to be able to save to a USB memory device? Check to ensure this feature is enabled (FAQ above). If account track is set to ?ON? you are only able to print from USB memory devices.

31. A message is displayed "only one external memory can be used, Reinstall the external memory." This indicates the USB memory device is not compatible with the machine, please try a different USB memory device.
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