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Leasing Options for Konica Minolta Photocopiers From Photocopiers Direct Ltd FREE PHONE 0800 174 Leasing is a contract between the funder (lessor) and the end user (the lessee) for the acquisition and use of an asset and/or solution and any associated costs, such as maintenance. The lessee selects the asset required and we (the lessor) buy the asset, usually via the supplier but sometimes direct from the end user client. The lessee then makes a series of payments (usually monthly or quarterly) to the lessor over a defined period of years, in return for which they have the right to use the equipment. The lease term is normally set to reflect the underlying asset's expected useful life. The benefits to you Conserves cash reserves- leasing enables you to secure the equipment solution most suited to your business, without making a substantial lump sum cash payment, which could be used to better effect elsewhere in the business. Maintains credit lines for other use- acquire the solution you need without affecting other credit lines, such as loans and overdrafts. This ensures that further borrowing, if required, will be easier. Improved cash flow- spread the cost over a number of regular payments. Payments can be set to match individual requirements, including seasonal cash flow circumstances. Fixed payments- payments are fixed for the term of the contract, protecting your business from the effects of changing interest rates. Knowing the amount of future payments enables more accurate budgeting and cash flow projections. And because payments are fixed the true cost of leasing diminishes over time as the value of money depreciates. Tailored payment profiles? payments can be arranged to meet individual budgets, roll-out schedules and/or cash flow requirements. Tax advantages? leasing payments may be offset against taxable profits reducing the net cost of leasing the equipment. Technological change- The flexibility of a lease allows you to upgrade to more advanced or appropriate solutions as your business needs dictate. In many cases this can be achieved without an increase in monthly or quarterly payments. Choose the solution you need- when you lease you are not limited to acquiring only what you can afford to pay at the time. Monthly payments enable you to select the solution which is most beneficial for your business at the time you most need it. Easy equipment disposal- by returning used equipment to the lessor at the end of the lease term, you do not need to be concerned about disposal issues or costs. 100% Financing all hardware, software, installation and maintenance costs. Equipment and services from a variety of suppliers can be financed and rolled up into a single simple arrangement - simplifying your administration and streamlining your payments. Administrative ease- payments can be made by direct debit, minimizing the administration required of you. Types of Agreement we can offer: Fixed Term Lease Agreement ? Agreement runs for maximum of fixed period with no extension option. ? Applicable to both regulated and non-regulated customers ? Facility is on-balance sheet ? Variable payment methods and profiles available ? Also known as, Rental, Lease, Lease Rental, Fixed Term Lease Rental Minimum Period Lease Agreement ? Agreement runs for a minimum term ? Secondary period extension option ? Facility is on-balance sheet ? Also known as, Rental, Lease Rental, Minimum Term Lease Education lease ? Designed specifically for Schools and educational establishments ? Payment profiles tailored to meet termly budgets Master Lease ? Minimum Order value 50,000 ? Provides credit facility for draw-down ? Only one set of Terms & Conditions signed ? Fixed Term or Minimum Term available ? Provides easy Customer Purchase Order-type ordering ? Allows for easy budgeting ? Simplifies negotiations ? Applicable to Larger nationwide companies and Local Authorities Technology Re-fresh ? Applicable mainly for the finance of IT installs ? Overcomes technology obsolescence ? Customer can upgrade without impacting monthly/quarterly payments Leasing versus other funding options There are many advantages to leasing when compared with other financing alternatives. Cash - Outright purchase has an immediate impact on cash flow. This is not the case with leasing - The cash is tied into the asset and cannot be used elsewhere in the business. Leasing ensures the cash is available to be used to better effect elsewhere in the business - The asset(s) is shown on the balance sheet whereas some types of lease are off balance sheet - Writing down allowances are only claimable each year at a 25% rate on a reducing balance basis; leasing payments are 100% offset against taxable profits - Outright cash purchase can reduce your flexibility to upgrade and add to your equipment as technology and your business needs change as you are dependent on future cash reserves. Leasing ensures total flexibility regardless of immediately available cash reserves Loan - Using a loan will use up some of your available credit and impact on your ability to obtain or increase any overdraft or current loan to fund working capital in the future - The asset(s) is shown on the balance sheet whereas some types of lease are off balance sheet - The lender may ask for additional security - e.g. a debenture over book debt or a charge over a freehold property, where as a lease is always only ever secured on the asset in question - Loans may be repayable on demand, whereas a lessor cannot 'foreclose' on the transaction whilst payments continue to be made - Only the interest element on loans and writing down allowances are claimable against tax, whereas 100% of leasing payments may be offset against taxable profits Overdraft - An overdraft is a short term finance facility to fund working capital, not asset acquisition, and is therefore less appropriate for buying technology - As with a loan an overdraft will use up some of your available credit and impact on your ability to obtain or increase an overdraft to fund working capital in the future - Interest is normally variable and calculated daily - lease payments are fixed and allow for easier budgeting - Just as with a loan, repayment on an overdraft is on demand. Lessors will not foreclose on the arrangement whilst the lessee continues to make payments - The asset is shown on the balance sheet - some types of lease do not require this FAQs Q. How do I arrange finance? A. You can contact us directly by telephone 02089610466, or by e-mail SALES@PHOTOCOPIERSdirect.CO.UK Q. Why should we use leasing rather than pay cash or use a loan? A. Your cash may be better used elsewhere in the organisation, particularly as working capital helping to develop the business, rather than financing fixed assets. Q. What kind of equipment can be financed using leasing? A. Almost any capital equipment can be financed using leasing; from IT and telecoms equipment, to software and electronics; from dental chairs and medical scanners to wheelie bins and snow ploughs including plastic extrusion machines and laser etching tools. Nearly any asset required to improve the efficiency of, as well as develop and grow your business can be leased by Photocopiers Direct. Q. What value of equipment can I finance with Photocopiers Direct? A. Assets with a value from as little as 1,000 can be financed. Q. How long will my finance agreement be for? A. There is a wide range of leasing terms available which can be tailored to suit you, so long as the term does not exceed the expected useful working life of the equipment. Q. How often do I make payments under my finance agreement? A. Most clients choose to pay monthly or quarterly, but payment structures can be arranged to suit each individual client?s requirements. Q. How do I make payments to Photocopiers Direct? A. Most clients choose the convenience of a direct debit arrangement or a standing order. Q. When do I make my first payment to Photocopiers Direct? A. This will be normally on the date on the agreement or according to the date of any acceptance certificate. Q. What happens to the equipment at the end of the finance arrangement? A. It depends on the type of finance arrangement you choose. With a lease agreement you can choose either to continue leasing the equipment for a secondary period, arrange for an up-to-date replacement to be installed as part of a new agreement or simply return the equipment to the lessor. At the end of a lease purchase agreement you have the option to buy the equipment for a final, nominal sum. Q. If we want to add, change or replace the equipment during the lease, what happens? A. Changes to equipment requirements can be easily accommodated by Siemens via our upgrade and add-on options. A simple adjustment to your payments will make this process easy. Q. Do the leasing payments cover the VAT element of the cost of equipment? A. Yes, you pay VAT on the payments as they fall due, rather than pay the VAT up front in full as you would do when you purchase equipment. Q. Who is responsible for insuring the equipment? A. As the lessee, you are responsible for insuring the equipment against loss and damage. You should make sure that the equipment is insured with a reputable company and for the full replacement cost. You may be required to produce evidence of the insurance policy. Q. What do I do if I want to end the finance agreement early and how much notice do you require? A. You should inform us of your early termination request in writing and we will quote you a settlement figure based on early termination. Normally you will be required to give 90 days notice of early termination.
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