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We can supply colour or BW copier

Provide photocopying services to your customers and earn a 60% commission for doing so. We can supply you with a Konica Minolta photocopier with no purchase cost or fixed monthly fee.

You pay a simple monthly invoice based on a cost per copy ? effectively this is a pay-as-you-go arrangement (see attached agreement TAC) ? YOU ONLY PAY FOR THE COPIES YOU USE.

We include All toner, and service by dedicated Konica Minolta engineers, are included within the cost per copy pricing. The only up-front fee is a deposit of 150 Or 550.00 for Colour Copier Free delivery and installation charge.

BW Copier-Your cost per copy is 3.20p (including VAT). You then charge your customers 7p per copy. Colour Copier-Your cost per copy is 8p (including VAT). You then charge your customers 15p per copy. You pay no other cost.

Please see our list of frequently asked questions below:

What types of locations are suitable for a photocopier?
Post Offices
Convenience Stores
Off Licences
Petrol Service Stations
Dry Cleaners
Internet Cafes

Why would I want a photocopier in my shop?
A photocopier acts as a magnet for people, especially students and older people. It will bring more people to your shop and they will buy other things from you at the same time. And, you have the benefit of increased cash-flow as a result.

How many copies do I need to make per month?
A typical site will do about 1,150 copies per month but a busy high street location can easily do several times this amount.

What type of machine do you supply?
We only supply digital Konica Minolta photocopiers ? usually the Di2510 or C350 Colour Copier model.

What features do your photocopiers have?
Reliable machine that is quick and simple to use Print, copy & scan speeds of at least 16 pages per minute Compact and stylish A4 / A3 multifunctional device for choice of paper size A4/A3 Enlargement / Reduction facility Small footprint with integral storage for spare paper & toner supplies Machine fitted with staff-controlled copy counter & on/off master switch.

Can you supply a colour photocopier?
Yes ? if a site is busy enough, we can supply a colour copier.

How much space do I need?
Our units are compact and typical dimensions for a Toshiba 16S are 530mm (W) x 550mm (D) x 1015mm (H)

How does the application process work?
Once you let us know you are interested, a site agent will visit you to assess your location for suitability and will have the application form to sign. Once your application and credit have been checked, you will be contacted for delivery and installation of the copier. You can be offering this service to your customers in your store in just a few weeks.

How do you know how many copies I make?
We will call you monthly to ask for the photocopier meter reading. You only pay for the copies your customers make and not for any machine-spoilt ones.

We can provide everything from basic standalone black & white copiers, through to advanced networked colour copiers that integrate with your computer systems and can quickly print high volumes.

Freephone 0800 174 293

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