Office Efficiency

Office Efficiency

How Technology is here to help

Technology can seem like the latest fashion, never quite living up to expectations. In the world of business, however, it pays to research the options available.

With a little planning, technology can be used to boost office productivity, free-up precious office space and make the whole business run a little more smoothly, without blowing the budget.
It doesn?t have to be a revolution overnight, just a few changes when the time is right.

Here are a few ideas:

Install a multifunctional product ? why have a separate fax, copier, printer and scanner when a single product can offer all four functions, yet without quadrupling the cost. Rather than print, then copy, then collate, then staple, why not purchase one machine, which will create the finished document as required.

The use of colour in documents, whether it?s in the production of sales data or an annual report is increasing, with companies reporting an average spend of 1500 per year outsourcing colour printing and copying. By taking a long-term view and adding a colour laser copier printer to the network, the cost of colour can be reduced and the business gains easy access to affordable, high quality, high speed, professional, colour print and copy.

Throw out the filing cabinets ? by using electronic archiving, rather than traditional storage methods, the whole company can benefit. Firstly, at a basic level, it can free valuable office space by reducing the amount of paper physically held in the building. Businesses in coveted locations, such as the City of London, can expect to pay around 300 per square metre, which makes electronic archiving a very practical way of making the company more compact.

Secondly it ensures information can be accessed efficiently, since all documents are indexed after scanning and can be retrieved by using a key word. Research has shown that on average, senior managers spend 12 minutes a day looking for documents which have been lost or mislaid, which equates to one whole hour every week ? not the most productive way to spend time. Electronic archiving allows information to be shared across the business, and ensures vital documents are at your fingertips.

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