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PDA Service Revolution

Photocopiers Direct launches a PDA-based mobile that will revolutionise Service

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PDA Service RevolutionPhotocopiers Direct launches a PDA-based mobile that will revolutionise the way in which we provide Service.

For many years traditional communication technologies including mobile phones and pagers have been used by Photocopiers Direct Technicians working across the country, but the limited amount of information these technologies can supply to Technicians in the field has reduced their effectiveness.

This gives Photocopiers Direct Technician's instant access to vital central resources, at the touch of a button and most importantly, when there out with you, our customers.

Technicians are able to access all information regarding outstanding faults logged by customers, give an accurate "Expected Time of Arrival" for the customer and access historical service records for a customer's device along with detailed technical resource files keeping them in touch with their customers and enabling them to respond faster and with the necessary information to ensure that the problem is resolved first time, every time.

This offers a truly unique approach to service delivery. With the resources to support, Photocopiers Direct is leading the way for service excellence!

Improved response times as Field Technicians can manage outstanding calls themselves, minimising their travel time between calls.
More accurate ETA's for customers as Technicians can provide this information on a real time basis from their start position when they take the call on.

Improved diagnosis of faults on-site and first time fixes as a result of Technicians having access to historical performance information. Recurring faults will be identified quickly and without repeating previously unsuccessful maintenance.

Total Transparency. Customers receive electronic confirmation of the fault, resolution and Technician response information via email when the Technician completes the service visit. Customer satisfaction surveys at the completion of every service call keep us "In Touch" with your business and ensures that we constantly and proactively deliver the levels of service you demand! Improved customer service. With 85 percent fewer Technician calls to distract them, Photocopiersdirect has freed up its call centre agents and redeployed their skills to provide a better response to thousands of customer calls daily.

Improved accuracy. A reduction in the need for handwritten notes, has contributed to a marked improvement in data precision, so reducing the chance of mistakes being made with future repairs.

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Konica Minolta Bizhub C353 Photocopiers

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